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Well, Now That You Mention It...

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May 09, 2006

Well, Now That You Mention It...


Thankfully, this week's issue of New York magazine, devoted to "The Influentials," has clarified a few mysteries that have been plaguing me for months: Apparently, Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX and The New York Post (and one of wealthiest men in the world) is indeed a media "influential." Yes, that's right--an influential (as in, one who wields influence, power or the ability to get Tucker Carlson on the phone, at any time of day or night). Hmm, i had suspected as much, but remained uncertain for a long time. Now I know, for certain.

So, according to New York, is a guy named "Jon Stewart," or something like that. I believe he appears on television, which is a device used to beam images and sounds into people's homes. It's really quite extraordinary (and, in its own, influential)

Both men, of course, are way under the radar, though this PR boon should help launch their careers in short order. Better call in the extra security detail, fellas.

For those who are wondering: I did not make the list this year. As it turns out freelance hacks who toil in happy but relative obscurity lack a certain, how do you call it??, influence.



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