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The DUMBO Report: A Spring in Our Step

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April 20, 2006

The DUMBO Report: A Spring in Our Step

It's been a few weeks (ok, it's been 12) since the first DUMBO Report, and there is much to talk about in this burgeoning little neighborhood wedged betwixt two big bridges. First the broad strokes: Spring is here, and DUMBO is (like Frampton once did) coming alive. People are everywhere, strolling, rolling, jogging and clogging, mixing with weekend visitors clutching real estate marketing paraphernalia. And, just a note to all you artistes crouching in the street, cameras pointed skyward: That artful shot you think you're taking of the Brooklyn/Manhattan's been snapped a 1000 different ways. So step aside, Ansel, before you get run over by a car.

And now, onto TDR:

New Openings/Hidden Gems:

Powerhouse Books is Coming to Town

Powerhouse Books, which is a publisher of arty/cultural books, is taking over a gorgeous window-rich space at 37 Main, at the corner of Main and Water. It's an enormous space, and from what their website says, it'll be a bookstore/gallery space (but not a book store in the traditional Barnes & Noble sense)...though I intend to dig a little deeper on this one.

The Plant (at the corner of John and Jay Street)

The Plant is part of Organic Umbrella, Matthew Kenney's raw food/sustainable living company. While Plant is the main commissary that produces raw foods for restaurants city-wide, it also has a retail outlet, and a great vibe. It's a bit off the beaten path, but well worth a visit. They have a juice bar, raw cooking classes and a host of other offerings.

Something's Afoot on Front Street...
The vacant space on Front Street, (between Washington and Adams) just west/left of Foragers is being prepped for some kind of retail function. If anybody has info, email me please.

Developments Du Jour

Steel and Welders at Water and Adams

Two blocks due west of the space where Powerhouse will be situated looms the steel frame of what appears to be another residential dwelling. This has gone up, literally, in six weeks. I've not yet been able to make contact with the owners, so I have no idea what exactly it will be, but the frameouts make the spaces seem "loft-like." What else is new.

The J Condo: Still Men at Work

When we last visited the J Condo, it was just a hole in the ground. But now, lo and behold, it's six stories of....well, wood and cement, which, we're told by the experts, is how these damn things are built. It's not being build at the speed of light, but they seem to be keeping a good pace. One logistical note: The western edge of the building will be literally just a few feet from the Manhattan Bridge (and it's contiguous with the MTA building that's underneath the bridge), so, that should be....interesting.

Many Trees Grow at 70 Washington

And for all the 70 Washington haters out there....As they promised the would, Two Trees did indeed plant a row of robust trees which now line Washington Street in perfect symmetry. The trees have taken root and the blossoms are blooming, adding a nice arboreal touch to this otherwise urban landscape.



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